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How to Begin Your Own Business • Entrepreneurship Seminar • Business Coach
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“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”


Presented by FLYLANCER

Change Your Life Today !

• Do you want to break free from

   the corporate chains ?

• Do you want to learn how to

   start your own business ?

• Do you want to learn how to work

   and live anywhere in the world ?

• Do you want vocational options in life ?

Then you need attend the Digital Nomad Academy where you will learn this and much much more. Take your first step now and begin your new life today !

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  • How do I start my own business ?

  • What type of business should I start ?

  • Should I get funding for my business ?

  • Where do I get funding for my business ?

  • What country should I live in ?

  • How do I find people to run my business ?

  • How much will it cost to begin my business ?

  • Where can I find support for my business ?

  • And much, much more!

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The Digital Nomad Academy equips individuals to break the corporate chains and become Independent Entrepreneurs and Global Citizens. DNA is not a get rich quick scheme. DNA will teach you how to think like an Entrepreneur, how to create your own business in order for you to live the lifestyle you want and much much more.

A PhD in Entrepreneurship in one day!

デジタル ノマド アカデミー FLYLANCER

デジタル ノマド アカデミー FLYLANCER


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Part 1

​Part 1 of the DNA covers the fundementals of becoming a global entrepreneur.

  • The Entrepreneurial World​

  • Thinking​

  • College - Yes or No ?​

  • Time​

  • How to Begin Your Business​

  • Tax Advantages​

  • Selling Your Business​

  • The BIG Picture

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Part 2

DNA Part 2 teaches you in detail how to create and grow your business.

  • Marketing

  • Support

  • Design

  • Growing Your Business

  • Help Me !

  • Too Big Too Fast​

  • Should I Sell ?

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Part 3

Now that your business is a success, where do you put the money ?
How do you keep the money ?

  • Money is a Tool

  • Investment Strategies

  • Real Estate

  • Growth

  • Tax Tips

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Ronny Santana
Global Entrepreneur

Born & raised in Silicon Valley, Ronny Santana had an

early start as an Entrepreneur. At 8 years old his mom

put a box of lemonades in his arms and told him to sell

them to the neighbors. After that he never looked back. Currently owns real estate companies in California,

Georgia and Tennessee and real estate development in Japan.


Digital Nomad Academy events are put on in locations throughout Japan.  Please contact us for upcoming seminar time and locations.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next seminar !

FLYLANCER equips individuals to break the corporate chains

and become Independent Entrepreneurs and Global Citizens.

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